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It is important to be able to have special and careful care of your lawn or garden in the appropriate and preset period of time so that you can have constant maintenance and improvement, be able to detect dry or diseased plants or trees, promote proper growth for natural plants and grass, and provide immediate solutions to your needs. We will take care of the cleaning and maintenance that will surely beautify your garden and make it look better than ever.


For the development and growth of your lawn or garden, it is necessary to have an adequate irrigation system in which you can save water, time, and money in maintenance. That is why it is important that your system is in the best conditions. We have professionals who will install, repair, and modify your system/s according to your needs. We work on all systems and install the latest Wi-Fi technologies that will make your life easier and much better.


We have great ideas of garden designs for your property with installation and renovation of grass, plants, mulch, stones, shrubs, and trees according to your property. We do detailed and well-structured work to beautify your area in the best way to your liking. You choose what you want and we will do it for you.


A Few Words About Us

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Green Horse is a landscaping and irrigation systems company created to offer you a professional job to beautify and give the correct care to your property, we give you the proper management and the necessary advice according to your needs in a very careful and professional way.

Its president is an expert in landscaping and irrigation systems with more than 30 years of experience. He has been a leader in the largest companies in the United States such as TruGreen, Vallecres, Superior, Villanson, among others.

This led him to create a solid and responsible company, Green Horse Landscaping, to offer his knowledge and skills in the job he likes to do the most.
One of his most notable attributes is the ability to be creative, resourceful, thoughtful and responsible, each project is valued and the satisfaction of his clients is very important to him.

Our team has the proper training, security and tools to successfully complete each project.

This Is Why

You Should Choose Us

We guarantee quality work with the greatest professionalism and dedication, we take care of the details and we like to give ideas and provide you with an excellent service at affordable prices, your ideas and our recommendations will help you to have a natural, clean, designed and decorated area that exceeds the expectations of our clients. We value your tastes and preferences and prioritize safety and quality in all jobs.
Call us for an estimate and we will help you with whatever you need, we can give you several options.

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Affordable Pricing

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30+ Years of Experience in Landscaping & Irrigation systems

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